Dualco Hot Dry Chain Lube with PTFE, 2 Ounce (oz)


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Product Description

DUALCO Hot Dry Chain Lube™ 

with PTFE (HDCL) will protect chains under hot, dry, dirty and wet conditions. 

This environmentally friendly material contains rust and oxidation inhibitor additives, and provides anti-wear protection. 

This Chain lube will perform very well in low and high temperatures, and is water resistant. 

Hot Dry Chain Lube™ with PTFE is used for dynamic lubrication between chain and sprocket. 

A fine film remains on the chain shortly after application. 

This product is non-toxic and does not have any known adverse effects on plastic, rubber or paint. DO NOT use this material in oxygen service. 


Physical Properties 

Made with Ecologically Safe Oil •

Color: Clear / Caramel-Tan 

Temperature Range: -40° to 250° F • 

Base Oils: Proprietary Synthetics • 

Contains No Alcohol Features • 

Fully Synthetic • 

Additive Treated • 

Contains excellent Extreme Pressure Reducing Agents • 

Reduces Friction at High and Low Temperatures • 

Non-Toxic and Non-Drying • Contains no perfumes, dyes, or heavy metals • 

Non-Hazardous – Environmentally Friendly Packaging •

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